Frommer's Remix was a personalized travel guide. The technology made possible to gather local information for the user’s trip and ensemble a personalized bound book in a format easy to carry while traveling. 
The book included useful information such as trip itinerary, flight information, hotel and car reservations and all confirmation numbers. Attractions, restaurants, nightlife and shopping information chosen by the user for their trip. Customized maps with all the choices marked, plus turn-by-turn directions guiding the users to their selected locations, and hand-picked coupons.
​​​​​​​I joined this team as an interaction designer. I was in charge of defining the user flows and interaction design needed to create and personalize the book. I also was responsible for the creation of wireframes, prototypes, technical specifications and visual assets needed for technical implementation. During this time, I collaborated closely with development teams in house and remotely located. 
Also, I supported the marketing team to promote the product. Part of this work included the creation of the product website, advertisement materials for both web and print, as well as the creation of internal pitch decks needed to get funding in order to be able to continue the development of the technology.
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