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Universidad del Valle de México 
México City
Bachelor of Arts, 1995.
Brenda Booth.
User experience & Interaction designer. Design strategist. Design management.
I’m a design leader with extensive experience in the tech industry, from management, consulting, design strategy, to execution; effectively working across teams and organizations. I excel at keeping projects on task, creating partnerships to remove barriers and advocate for the best user experience. 
Throughout my career, I’ve been part of start-up companies and multinational corporations, focused on emerging technologies, product exploration and product development for consumer and enterprise markets. 
I enjoy bringing the Lean UX and Lean Startup methods to the development process, driving agility and innovation to small and large organizations. I have experience building, nurturing and leading creative teams, helping them grow professionally and empowering them to deliver great user experiences. 
Top 5 (Gallup) Strengths: Developer, Achiever, Responsibility, Strategic and Harmony. 


Senior User Experience Designer, AI/ML | Amazon Web Services 
SageMaker Ground Truth |
 Remote - Seattle
May 2022 to present 
SageMaker Ground Truth is AWS’s data labeling service that makes it easy to label data and gives the option to use human annotators through Amazon Mechanical Turk, third-party vendors, or private workforces. In my current role, I’m focused on developing new features and optimizing the data annotation tool, for all annotation modalities supported; like video object tracking, video object detection, 3D point clouds, image classification, text classification, etc., to improve Machine Learning (ML) model performance and to reduce the overall ML model development life cycle.

Senior UX Designer  Amazon Web Services (AWS)  Machine Learning Solutions Lab.
Remote - SeattleFebruary 2020 to May 2022  
The AWS Machine Learning Solutions Lab helps companies and organizations from all industries to solve their largest and more complex business problems using AWS’s cloud-based AI and Machine Learning solutions. As the only user experience designer in this organization, I bring to the table years of experience helping product teams adopt user-centric methods to speed up the development process, reduce re-work and put the user at the center of the development activities. 

In my current role, I collaborate closely with Machine Learning (ML) scientists/engineers, deep learning architects and software engineers to create intuitive, high-impact, machine learning applications for different use cases and across several industries; developed using a user-centric, iterative process. 

During my time at the Machine Learning Solutions Lab, I’ve had the opportunity to create several ML-based solutions to support different use cases across multiple industries. A few examples include: 

1. Intelligent document processing tool that helps users make faster decisions by automatically extracting and analyzing data from documents using Amazon Textract, Amazon Comprehend, and Amazon Comprehend Medical. The tool also integrates Amazon’s Natural Language Processing enterprise search service, Amazon Kendra, to help users easily find information, even when it’s scattered across multiple locations and content repositories. Learn More

2. A retail application that integrates the latest machine learning technologies to enable real-time personalized experiences; including personalized product recommendations, personalized product re-ranking and personalized direct marketing, across multiple communication channels (email, SMS, and web). 

3. Data-visualization tool designed for healthcare providers that harnesses the power of Machine Learning (ML) to facilitate the discovery of novel patient health insights and augment patient care. The application creates rich visualizations of patient’s longitudinal health data in a way that is easy to understand, using features of Amazon HealthLake like; Ingesting and storing Electronic Health Records (EHR) data from multiple sources together in FHIR format. Learn More

4. Medical transcription tool that helps healthcare providers transcribe audio notes in real time, extract key medical terms like protected health information (PHI), medical condition, anatomy, medication and tests, treatments and procedures and tag the data to their corresponding entities like ICD-10 and RX-Norm concepts. Automating the medical transcription and comprehension process make it easier for healthcare professionals to focus on patient care and reduce physician burnout. 

5. In my most recent project, I’m building an end-to-end solution for the Autonomous Driving (AD) and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) industries, to support current pain-points in data ingesting, data management, data labeling, and model development workflows to reduce complexity and speed up time to market.

At HP I managed a design group for over 8 years that supported the development of various HP new businesses ventures generated in HP’s R&D lab, including their release to commercial markets world-wide.  
A big part of my work focused on driving efficiency by guiding cross-functional collaboration with engineers, project managers, designers and business stakeholders, etc.; facilitating research activities and creating needed infrastructure to support these practices. In the last project I worked at HP, I led UX activities to improve the developer experience of APIs and other developer tools, available through the Link Technology platform. 

SENIOR DESIGNER | GIZMO5 | SAN DIEGO April 2006 – December 2009 
Prior to HP, I led successful design efforts at Gizmo 5, where I collaborated with a small cross-functional team through the iteration, release and successful acquisition of the Gizmo 5 app (acquired by Google. Now Google Voice). This included the desktop client for Windows, Mac and Linux ensuring a consistent and effective user experience. During this time, I also created the company brand and visual identity and successfully applied it in the company’s multiple platforms and marketing collateral. 

At Linspire, I worked on the user-interface for Linspire OS and redesigned the installation process. I managed the design of the Crystal Linspire icon theme as well as the Linspire Kids icon theme. I created the CNR brand and CNR website. Designed the corporate identity package and designed the website for Lindows/Linspire, which is a Linux Operating System. I designed product packaging and other marketing materials. 

CEO | 278Media Consulting Group, Inc. | SAN DIEGO February 2003 to September 2004 
278Media was a design firm that provided design and photography services (from all types of printed materials to electronic media and website implementation). 

SENIOR WEB DESIGNER | IPstrategy Inc. | SAN DIEGO February 2001 to February 2003 
IP Strategy was a design consultancy headquartered in San Diego. This was the first company I worked for in the United States. The company specialized in creating impactful content strategy, design and user experiences through a collaborative approach with our clients. I provided design strategy, web design, marketing support and print design. 

ART DIRECTOR | El Sitio | MEXICO CITY July 1997 to Feb 2001 was one of the first on-line portals created in México during the dot-com era. The company was headquartered in Buenos Aires Argentina, with offices in several countries in Latin America and the United States.  It was an aggregator service that provided a continuous flow of links to news, sports, entertainment and political articles. I worked in the business development division that focused on providing consulting services to large businesses wanting to create an online presence.

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