I was part of the HP Developers program in 2015. At the time, the organization was ramping up efforts to increase the creation of developer tools based on HP printing technologies and a repository to host these tools.

HP Developer’s Portal

Enable businesses within HP to present their APIs, SDKs and associated documentation to the global developer community.
Create awareness and increase adoption of new HP technologies.
Appeal to the developer community as a relevant destination for APIs, SDKs and other developer tools.
Enhance the HP brand from the developer perspective

Developers (HP internal, Partner, Freelance): Explorers and Seekers
Curious developers looking to see what HP has to offer
Partner developers led to the site by HP businesses
HP Internal developers looking for a one stop shop
HP Developers website/homepage
Throughout the website design process, we used different methods to test concepts, interaction design & flows, what relevant information to include, and to test the overall usability of the site.
Design Process:
Assessment of business and user needs, user research (contextual inquiries and interviews with developers to understand needs and pain-points).
Creation of wireframes and interactive prototypes created in Axure and sketch, and iteration based on research findings.

Creation of visual design mockups in Photoshop.
Pairing sessions with development for implementation and iteration.
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