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I’m a design leader with extensive experience in the tech industry, from management, consulting, design strategy, to execution; effectively enabling cross functional collaboration through a Lean Startup approach. 

I’ve been part of start-up companies and multinational corporations, focused on emerging technologies, new business exploration and product development for consumer and enterprise markets. With broad experience with Mobile, Cloud, Web, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Voice Technology, etc.

I have vast experience translating user research data into product requirements and producing information architecture documents for large and complex systems. I have strong hands-on experience defining interaction design requirements, creating user-flows, wireframes and visual designs; as well as user interface prototypes to evaluate the usability of layouts and navigation structures for multiple platforms. I’m well-versed in design, prototyping and agile project management tools.

I enjoy bringing the Lean UX and Lean Startup methods to the development process, driving agility and innovation to small and large organizations. I have experience building, nurturing and leading creative teams, helping them grow and empowering them to deliver great experiences.

Prior to joining HP, I worked at several startups in the United States and South America. In various design capacities, contributing to their success and ultimately successful acquisitions.

Top 5 (Gallup) Strengths: Developer, Achiever, Responsibility, Strategic and Harmony

Please note: My portfolio showcases work that that I've collaborated on that I am allowed to share. Many of my most recent projects and deliverables have either nondisclosure agreements or cannot be shared due to company policies. I hope you understand and know that I will respect and behave the same if I were to work with you. If you have any questions or comments, I will answer to the best of my ability given the circumstances. I do of course have references from past and current projects that can attest to my role, participation and creative input into the projects. I can be reached by email for more information.
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